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How Does Anti-Hack Security Testing Work?

The threat of hacking is a persistent and dangerous one and with thousands of websites, servers and networks falling victim to these unprecedented events every year, it’s no wonder why security companies are working hard to stay on top of things. From government websites, to market leaders – there’s no such thing as a hack-proof site, but there are those that can boast a far greater level of security.

In the battle to remain completely hack free and secure in the face of these types of events, thousands of businesses are turning to crowdsource application security testing. This feature is a fairly new concept, but one that promises an incredible rate of success, but how does it work exactly?

Well, first consider that hackers are everyday individuals that will have jobs and responsibilities. These people can be programmers, coders, or career criminals – but if there’s one thing that they will all have in common, it’s that they can cause millions of dollars in damage every year. There are typically two types of hackers; those that practice their activities for entertainment, and those that wish to gain something out of it.

But there is a secret third type of hacker, the anti-hacker if you will and these experts are invaluable to businesses that operate their own online video or text based presence via a website. Often referred to as ethical hackers, these individuals are willing to offer their expertise and digital prowess, in return for a fee, or some form of compensation.