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Things to Look for in an Online Video Maker

Making a video online doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact with so many free to use tools and websites at your disposal, you could create a stunning clip in the space of a few hours. To cater to the demand for visual stimulation, these websites are now numerous in number, and can be signed up to and used without charge.


But with so many to pick from, it’s not always as easy as signing up to the first one that comes to your attention, spending a few hours playing with the functions and options; only to find that you don’t like certain things about the service. A good animation maker will be easy to use, offer professional results and take the hard work out of video production.

If you’re looking for a good service, here are a few particularly beneficial traits to keep an eye on with presentations by Biteable

Simplistic functions

The last thing that an amateur video maker without experience will want to be greeted with is hundreds of buttons and confusing functions. The best services will offer minimalistic features, without sacrificing on the end result of a clip. The simpler the options, the easier it will be to get to grips with a site and this is definitely something to look out for.

Advanced features

As appealing as static videos (like those seen in PowerPoint presentations) can be, there’s nothing quite like an animated masterpiece to really compel a viewer into action. A good service will offer a range of animations to choose from and as long as they can be customised to suit the requirements of the person making a video – then the results will typically speak for themselves.

Easy access

Being able to visit a site, sign up and then get straight onto making a video can be much more appealing than having to wait for an account to be made and approved. Newer sites focus on their accessibility, whilst older sites may still operate within the whole ‘must seek admin approval for membership’ scenario. If you can sign up and get started immediately, then you’ll simply be able to focus on creating a great looking video.

High definition as standard

Some sites offer low resolution, without charges to customers that don’t want to pay. Others allow high resolution options with a watermark. The best providers out there will offer high definition viewing without a fee – but it’s understandable that they might need to charge if the user wishes to download the video, or use it commercially.