Itil Certification

How Much Should You Expect to Spend?
There are 2 different ways to approach your ITIL Certification in Sydney. The first is with the full package, and this package includes all of the relevant course materials, training and educatory techniques. It also includes the exam, and when taken with Cisco or an affiliate, you can expect to pay $295 or less, depending on your trainer.
The second way to obtain the certification is to break the training down in to two segments. Part 1 costs $150, and part 2 costs $150, with the examination fee included within the last part. This method is sometimes a better option if you don’t have the free-time to fit in a full day’s training, or if you’d simply prefer to break your training up.

Preparing for Your ITIL® Foundation Certification Course, ITIL Foundation Certification training is critical to passing your exam & getting started on your ITIL Certification path. Download a free white paper & learn more about our ITIL training at In this video learn about the Service Lifecycle as well as key concepts & terms you need to be aware of to successfully take this course & pass the subsequent exam.,