Emf protection – How to avoid EMF radiation risks

Finding the best laptop emf protection

Why is EMF such a concern?

From the smallest handheld devices all the way to personal computers, televisions and kitchen utilities; there’s one element that will be present within most modern products; and that’s electricity. Although when properly contained, electricity can be one of the most functional resources humanity has available, but there’s no denying that its potential to be dangerous is an ever-present concern.

One of the most common forms of EMF relates to screen covers – and these useful little tools can be fitted over the surface of a monitor (without risking damage). Once fitted, the unique composition of the cover will act to prevent radiation leakage from the screen itself, without reducing visibility to the display. Just this simple addition can reduce radiation emission by up to 95%, with the remaining 5% being so minimal that research has shown it to be almost harmless to organic materials (including human genetics).

Other methods of protecting yourself against EMF include installing casing around laptops, as well as port covers (USB, HDMI and Ethernet) that can sometimes be prone to emitting radiation – and the more measures that are utilised, the more protected the user will be.