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How to Safely Use a Stun Gun

Stun guns are widely regarded as some of the most effective self-defensive weapons in the United States. Not only can they be ideal when facing a potentially life-threatening situation, they are also pretty simple to use. All models, regardless of their size and shape, will typically possess two key features. Understanding how they work can make it easy to know how to safely use a stun gun in general.

Feature One – The Construction

The main body of a stun gun will typically consist of a protected and encased portion that could be deemed as the ‘safe part’. This section will contain all of the components and voltage-conductors, but as it’s typically housed within non-conductive materials, there’s little to zero risk of the user coming into contact with any active current.

Feature Two – The Voltage Point

Most stun guns will feature either one or two voltage points built into the tip of the device. It’s these points that are responsible for emitting a shock when they come into contact with human skin, so when powered up they should be avoided by the user. When the device is set to its off-state, or when the trigger isn’t pressed to emit a charge, the stun gun will be safe to hold.

How to Use the Stun Gun Safely

Although the majority of stun gun manufacturers will strive to ensure that their devices are safe to be used by the wielder, if they are utilized incorrectly they can pose a risk of self-shock. It’s important to note that the only part of the device capable of emitting an electric voltage is the very end, or tip.

In order to transmit a current to these points, the user will need to activate the device. This can vary from weapon to weapon. Some require a user to hold a button down to charge the conductors and allow the device to be used. Others possess a trigger, whilst fewer still feature an auto-activation method whereby the prongs are always receiving an electrical current and simply emit it when they come into contact with the skin.

These devices are considered very outdated however, and aren’t widely found on the market anymore. In place of them, smaller and often more powerful stun guns are now available – and can emit a charge more than capable of forcing a grown man to the ground. In all cases these tools aren’t made to kill, but to simply deter and control an attacker by transmitting electricity into their body at a high volume.

When using one of these devices, as long as the prongs are kept clear from the user’s body and the tool is aimed away at all times, they can be utilized safely and without immediate risk to the wielder. Furthermore, they should only be used when faced with a dangerous situation and the user feels the need to defend themselves without posing a fatal risk.