Promotional Products & Brand Reputation

How Can Promotional Pens Help a Business?

In this day and age, many businesses turn to the internet for help with their marketing and publicity efforts. Although these techniques can be very effective, there is still a huge marketplace that prefers physical interactions. And when dealing with this environment, it’s not uncommon to see a different style of promotional products being used to brand, publicise and promote a service.

One of these options are promotional pens – and with options to customise their colour, style and have an image or text applied; they can be an excellent way to enhance the reputation & brand a business, without over-spending in the process.

How can these types of pens help with the promotion of a company?

There are several things that people use on a daily basis and pens just so happen to be one of them. Even digital companies will typically rely on some sort of pen or pencil to take notes and this is where promotional accessories can come in handy. By targeting the types of customers that may find themselves in need of a functional pen, whilst taking the opportunity to brand – the company may be able to place itself in a position of visibility that would be unavailable otherwise.

Throughout our lives we are exposed to promotional materials. Consider the font Helvetica for example – a font that is purchased by companies in Australia for thousands of dollars, simply due to the fact that people grow up seeing it. It’s often used on billboards, public transport any even at doorways for public toilets. And pens work in much the same way, as we grow up using them.

It’s all psychological

Because people grow up relying on pens during their education, their careers and much more in between – they begin to develop a close, appreciative relationship with them. And this is what makes promotional pens so effective when it comes to spreading the name or services of a particular brand.

Because we intrinsically trust their nature, many people overlook the fact that what they actually have when holding a branded pen is a form of publicity in their hand. And because we trust pens for their simplistic features, we are able to receive the information that they provide on a much deeper level.

The same can be said for any form of stationary when speaking generally; including erasers, rulers and even scissors. As long as the branding is done tastefully and not in an over-obtrusive way, the impact of the publicity can be a good way to spread a name – and one that will be placed in a visible position whenever the pen is being used.

Promotional Billboards

Coming soon, we will provide a full billboard signage product so that you can extend the reach of your brand awareness.