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Welcome To SEO Perth, At Expert SEO Perth, we specialise in three aspects of online marketing:

search engine optimisation
google penalty recovery
google maps marketing

Through these areas particularly, we have been able to help many businesses increase their online visibility in the search engines. This then leads to an increase in the number of people contacting the businesses to enquire about their services, which in turn leads to more sales and more profit for the business.

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Many websites have been penalized by google in algorithm updates codenamed “Panda”, “Penguin” and “Hummingbird”. One of the most common searches related to search engine optimisation is “how to recover from google penalty”. There are many instances where a business has had to lay off staff, reduce bonuses or even close their doors as a result of their main website getting a google penalty.

We have recovered many websites from google penalties, some as quickly as three days, others as long as a month or two. While there is a lot of work and skill required to remove an algorithmic penalty, this has had a massive impact on the businesses we’ve been fortunate enough to work with. If this is an area which would be beneficial to you, go to our website to find out if we can help you with a google panda or google penguin penalty recovery.

The core of our business, as our name suggests, is ranking websites in google. Work done on this also tends to improve the ranking of websites in Bing, but from all the websites we’ve worked with in Perth, ranking in Bing has not made much of a difference to the business. Perth SEO is similar to Melbourne SEO or Sydney SEO, but quite different from how you do, for example, Houston SEO, Nashville SEO or Dallas SEO.

We’ve been running our Perth SEO company for several years now. It started with Mike Haydon doing search engine optimisation for his own websites, then as often happens, friends started asking for help, then they referred people and the practice grew from there into what it is today.

One of the saddest things we’ve seen lately is a lot of SEO scams or so called “SEO experts” who set themselves up as an SEO guru and take on clients, only to be unable to deliver on their promises. This is usually because those “expert SEO” people have not bothered to continue their education and testing, so they don’t know what to do without causing penalties. Because we are more than comfortable recovering websites from penalties, we know what causes the penalties and can run tests on our own websites to make sure your websites are ranking for a long time to come.

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